Judge Wipes SMUG Grin Off Illegal Immigrants Faces After Sick Thing They Did To Girl

Two illegal immigrants didn’t seem too bothered to be in court after the horrifying thing they did to a 14-year-old girl recently. Unfortunately for them, things quickly took a turn – and a badass judge wiped the smug grins, that they were previously seen wearing, right off their faces for good with just a few short words.
Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores, 22, and Diego Alexan Hernandez-Rivera, 18, are members of the well-known gang known as MS-13. The two subhuman scumbags are also illegal migrants from El Salvador and have been comfortably living in Houston, Texas for quite some time.
Unfortunately for them, their free reign of terror has most recently come to an end after authorities found out what the two had done to a 14-year-old girl. According to reports, the thugs saw a young girl walking home from school and decided to snatch her up and take her home.

Once the pair had the victim in an apartment, the girl was held down as one of the men raped her – but her time of horror was far from over. As Mail Online explains, the innocent victim was held at the house for 4 days before being brought to another apartment where six gang members lived “and Flores kept a makeshift Satanic shrine.”

While there, the gang kept the girl disoriented by pumping her full of drugs and alcohol and reportedly sexually assaulted her several times over the next 2 weeks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Flores had members of the gang hold the girl down as he tattooed a giant “satanic saint” from her knee to her foot as well.
Making matters worse, the group reportedly had another girl at the apartment at the same time – a girl only known as “Genesis.” The second girl in question was later found dead from two gunshot wounds, one to the head and the other to the chest after she “verbally bashed the gang’s satanic saint.”

Judge Wipes SMUG Grin Off Migrants’ Faces After Sick Thing They Did To Girl
Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores and Diego Alexan Hernandez-Rivera weren’t smiling as the judge passed down official orders.
However, things have most recently taken a turn for the two illegals after they were arrested and brought before a badass judge. After hearing that the punks couldn’t afford an attorney and had requested a public defender, the judge made sure that they wouldn’t leave the jail by setting their bail at $150,000 – an amount they’d never be able to come up with.
Even better yet, federal authorities placed a hold on the illegal aliens, meaning they if they somehow found the money needed to make bail, they would be taken into federal custody and remain behind bars anyways. Currently, they are being held at Harris County Jail and are awaiting their trial where they’ll surely be sentenced to the rest of their lives in prison
Sadly, because former President Barack Obama restricted Border Patrol’s ability to effectively do their jobs, these monsters were allowed into our country. Worse yet, they could now be the burden of U.S. taxpayers for the rest of their lives. These guys need to be deported and their home country forced to take responsibility for their actions. That border wall can’t come soon enough to keep these criminals – just as President Donald Trump was once criticized for calling them – out of our country.

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