Liberal Celeb Who Wants More Refugees Meets Karma When She Gets In Taxi

Just weeks ago, a famous celebrity millionaire visited a refugee camp and shed crocodile tears while arrogantly demanded everyone “put their hands in their pockets” and take in more refugees. While she doesn’t plan on doing this herself, she was quickly introduced to sweet karma when she hailed a taxicab today.

Lily Allen is not only a wealthy liberal who has a skewed view of foreign policy, she’s also the dangerous poster child for the progressive left’s multiculturalism. Earlier this month, Allen participated in a sappy interview with a young man who claims to be a child refugee. The freshly manicured popstar burst into tears as she ordered the citizens of Europe to financially support more unvetted asylum seekers like the 13-year-old boy upon whom she was basing her entire opinion of refugee the crisis.

Not long after her propaganda video was released, the media discovered that the “child” she had interviewed is actually the son of an infamous Taliban terrorist who fought against US and UK-backed troops in Afghanistan. Later, the child migrant’s refugee father explained that he didn’t migrate to Europe to escape the Taliban but to prevent being killed by European soldiers for his heinous war crimes.

As expected, it sometimes takes a liberal more than just finding out their views are not only wrong but dangerous to open their eyes, which is exactly what’s happening to the 31-year-old pop star.

The Express reports that the famous singer hailed a taxicab in London shortly after her high-profile refugee interview only to find that people are fed up with her entitled decrees. As she opened the door to enter the cab, the driver instantly recognized the millionaire celeb and yelled, “Find an immigrant to drive you, you stupid tart,” before leaving Allen stranded. Apparently, not even her pop star status could save her from becoming one of the most hated people in the UK.

Liberal Celeb Takes In Muslim Refugee, Finds Out What We Warned All Along
Shamsher Sherin, who claims to be 13 but looks much older, was interviewed by Allen before the media discovered his father fought for the Taliban against the UK.

Of course, Allen, who is worth a reported $20 million, played the victim, instantly pulling out the discrimination card, according to the Telegraph.

The bleeding-heart celeb still hasn’t learned her lesson from when she recently comforted the migrant child, finding out soon after that he has Islamic terrorist ties.

“It just seems that at three different intervals in this young boy’s life, the English in particular have put you in danger,” Allen told him. “We’ve bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban and now put you in danger of risking your life to get into our country. I apologize on behalf of my country. I’m sorry for what we have put you through.”

Of course, Europe didn’t put them into the hands of the Taliban, especially not the refugee child to whom she was apologizing. In fact, just as his murderous daddy explained, they willingly fought as terrorists against progressivism and freedom. They butchered their own people, innocent women and children, to spread the compulsively violent political ideology of Islam.

We’re still waiting for Allen to keep her promise to open her mansion to one of these “child” refugees. We can assume that she won’t do this, as she wants everyone else to open their pockets and take care of the refugees but won’t put her own money where her mouth is. If Allen did make good on her word, however, it would probably be her young daughters who pay the ultimate price.

Allen ironically made her propaganda video at the same refugee camp in which a female interpreter for a pro-migrant documentary was recently raped by the refugees she supports. In fact, yet another woman was raped at the same camp by refugees the same day that Allen whined about being discriminated against by the taxicab driver.

Liberalism is a brainwashing cult that results in self-sacrifice to further an agenda that doesn’t even perpetuate their acclaimed beliefs. The same open-mindedness and multiculturalism they claim to support are quickly wiped out by their beloved aggressive migrants. Leftists are water their own hanging tree, never realizing it until they can no longer feel the ground beneath their feet.

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